Adding links for kid bargains

So a friend of mine from a parenting chat forum listed some sites that I had not yet heard of. GreenBabyBargains is my favorite right now. I was SO tempted today to buy my son a pair of shoes, but the ones I liked only had a size 8, and he’s currently 2 months old, so it would be a while before they would fit, and I’d probably forget where I put them. So I did not order them. But I’ll be adding the rest of the sites as links right now.

Speaking of bargains, I just purchased a 10 pack of Fuzzi Bunz sized diapers last night in size Large to use as nighttime diapers for my almost 3 year old daughter until she gets good enough at potty training to wake in the night instead of peeing her pants. So far she’s not even close. I bought them from the Fuzzi Bunz Seconds website. They are in good usable condition, just with minor flaws, like the wrong color thread, or a slightly crooked snap. Things that don’t bother me one bit. And I got 10 of them in 5 different colors of my choice for $119. Seeing as though they are usually $13 or more a piece that is a bit of a savings, plus I figure that I’ll still get use out of them once she no longer needs them. My son will be getting ready for that size by then. I borrowed one of the Fuzzi Bunz size large from a neighbor friend to try them out before I bought some, and I stuffed them with 2 of the cloth inserts that G-diapers now sells. I bought a 6 pack of them with a gift card when my son was born. They are really nice. Each insert is 2 pieces of microfiber and two pieces of hemp. Last night my daughter had no leaks at all, which is saying a lot since she has been known to leak out of night-time PullUps. I have also in the past purchased Thirsties brand diaper covers at their outlet as well and been very happy with their products. I especially like their duo covers. If you visit their site and no products show up, check back in a few days.

I am also going to add a few websites that I like as a teacher to buy inexpensive art supplies and unique toys. I hope someone gets some use out of it.


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Entertaining Kids While Traveling

So in 6 days I will leave on a solo car trip with two small kids. My daughter R is just shy of age 3, and my son is 2 months old. We will be in the car for what is normally a 6 hour drive. However, this time my husband will be staying at home. We are going to a family reunion/memorial service in honor of my grandfather who passed away a few months ago. My husband is a stay-at-home dad and I am a teacher, so I’m home for the summer. He is not coming because, well, he hates long car rides, screaming children, staying in cramped quarters, large groups of people, and death. The good news is that we don’t have to pay a sitter to watch our 3 cats while we are gone, and our neighbor’s won’t have to pay a cat sitter either since they are on vacation during the same time.

I guess you can see where the bad news is about to hit. I will be going this alone for 6 hours. Probably longer than that since I’m nursing my son, and he’ll insist on eating every couple hours. My daughter is trying to be potty trained (most days) and will need to stop likely every 40 minutes, or possibly longer if I refuse to let her drink anything -but that won’t happen. So I have the daunting task of figuring out what to pack to entertain her so that she doesn’t spend the entire 6 hours trying to hold her baby brother’s hand (too tightly always).

I’m not normally a big fan of commercial toys and we have no battery operated toys in the house. I refuse to get a DVD player for the car since she’s not that interested in watching it most of the time anyway. So far I have a coloring/sticker/alphabet book, a WaterWow paint book, and a new 5 pack of Matchbox cars which are her favorite things on the planet. My daughter loves to push buttons on the toys at her friends’ houses and in the store, so I did get her one toy with a button for each letter of the alphabet. I also picked up a Glowworm because she always seems to want the light on in the car when we travel at night. Hopefully this will help. When we are done traveling, I’ll probably donate the alphabet toy either to my classroom, or to the emergency daycare center. I just can’t stand the noise they make on a daily basis.

My 2 month old son on the other hand will not really play with anything. His favorite thing right now is staring at people and talking to them. He loves smiling and laughing at you, but I can’t really do that while I’m driving, so my hope for now is that he sleeps a lot.

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Giving it a try!

As if I needed more things to do, I decided to try the world of blogging. I have family that want me to start one to show pictures of my children, but I’m not totally comfortable with that on a non-private site. Plus I figure that I talk to myself enough, I should start writing some of it down. I’ve never been a writer, so this may not take off.

I am a teacher and mother of two small children, and I decided to start this blog as a place to put down my thoughts on motherhood, education, green-ish living, and living day to day. I welcome your comments, suggestions, support and experiences.

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